Class S11

Integral Coach Factory (Indian) First imported in 2011. Twenty (20) units imported under Indian RITES loan grants. The first Indian DMUs imported. These DMUs are specially designed for long distance service and not like in other DMUs, compartments are classified as 2nd and 3rd and are comfortable for long distance journeys. Using in all broad gauge lines except main line beyond Rambukana and KV line. But still not in Batticaloa and Trinco lines.

  • Builders : ICF, India
  • Prime Mover : KTA 50L V16 (4 stroke)
  • Power : 1360hp
  • Max Speed : 100kmph
  • Power Transmission Type : Diesel Electric
  • Length : 21462mm – DPC & DTC
  • Weight : 101 tonnes
  • Axle arrangement : Bo-Bo
  • Colour : Red, White and Blue
Class S11 902
Class S11 902
Image courtesy Mr. Gehan Chandika