Class S1

ENGLISH ELECTRIC (England) 180hp x 2. Imported to Sri Lanka in 1938. First powered set used in CGR. The first run was done on 25.02.1938. It had two englines with 180hp each in front and back. Three (3) sets were there numbered 501, 502, 503 and they got names Silver Foam, Silver Spray, Silver Mist. These were the first diesel units imported for passenger haulage. Used for passenger trains in coastal line. All are now not in service and scrapped. Withdrawn in 1954-56 era.

An unconfirmed report says power car of 502, Silver Spray, sent to Nuremberg Museum in Germany.

  • Builder: English Electric
  • Prime mover: Williams – H6 Type
  • Power:  180hp x 2
  • Transmission type: Diesel Electric
  • Weight: 94 tonnes (With Coaches)
  • Axle arrangement: Bo+2+2+2+Bo
  • Colour: Green & Silver
  • Seating Capacity: 1st – 17, 2nd – 42 , 3 rd – 255.