Class M7

BRUSH BAGNALL (British). 1000hp. Imported in 1981 to coincide with Queen”s visit to the Island. Still in operation. M7 has the lowest power, lowest length, lowest weight in diesel electric engine in Sri Lanka. The engine was classified as a ‘Shunting engine’ by the manufacturing company. But M7 engines pulling both passenger trains and freight trains. Not used in upcountry inclines since it has low engine power and has no dynamic breaks. (There were dyn. brakes. Now they were obsolete.) But frequently used in Matale line.

  • Builder : Brush Traction UK
  • Weight : 67 tons
  • Power : 1000hp GENERAL MOTORS V8 8-645E (2 stroke) (Max 994hp)
  • Maximum Speed : 80 kmph
  • Axle arrangement : Bo-Bo
  • Length of the engine : 12.8 m
  • Total number of locomotives = 16 (Nos. 799-814)
  • No. of locomotive in use : 15 (No. 803 crashed into nightmail’s back)
  • Livery : Green and Red with Yellow strip
M7 # 800
M7 # 800
Image courtesy Sri Lanka Railways Museum
M7 813 in ICE livery
Class M7 # 813 In ICE livery
Image owner unknown