Sub class M2d

Sub class M2d includes Loco Nos.628,629. Main class M2 is the most successful loco in Sri Lanka. Normally called as “Canadian” engine. But there are two classes of Canadian engines in SLR. The other one is Class M4.

Initially imported for Cement Corporation. Later adopted to SLR normal routine trains. Built in the USA, instead of Canada.

  • Builder : General Motors USA
  • Weight : 79 tons
  • Power: 1310hp Two Stroke
    • Main Generator: GM V12 G12-567E (Two stroke)
  • Axel Arrangement: A1A-A1A
  • In service: From 1966
  • Number of imported Locos: 2
  • Number of locos in service: 2
  • Livery : Dark blue, Light blue, Silver and Yellow strip
Class M2d # 628
M2d # 628 Kankasanthurei
Image courtesy Mr. Thurya Owitipana
Class M2d 629
M2d # 629 Galle
Image courtesy Sri Lanka Railway Museum