Class W1

HENSCHEL THYSSEN (W. German). 1150hp. Imported in 1969.  Some in operation. Mainly removed from the service 20-25 year after they imported.

First locomotive with Diesel Hydraulic transmission in the history of railways in Sri Lanka. Manufactured based on Henschel DHG-1200 model. Prime mover worn out quicky due to high RPM (~1500RPM). Lack of maintenance made it’s withdrawal from active service. Major overhaul repairs were due for those locomotives after 10 years of service. But due to 1980 workers’ strike many workers were removed from the department and non skilled workers did maintenance works and ultimately caused the quick removal from the service.

Some engines were re-engined with PAXMAN VEGA SE/RP 160 – 1250hp prime movers. Non of the W1 locomotives are running on active service. But No. 650 and 658 were in running condition until near past and are were on light duties such as shunting inside the workshops and hauling small goods trains.

In 1997 with collaboration with ADtrainz, 10 engines were reengined and reclassified as W3. No. 642, 650, 657 were waiting for usual running jobs after repairs. But it seems every W1 is out of service now. Those repairs done by using old S6 prime movers were in doubt on reliability.

  • Builder : Henschel Thyssen, W. Germany
  • Imported in : 1969
  • Weight : 61 tons
  • Length : 12.8m
  • Power : Diesel Hydraulic 1150hp Paxman V12 12YJXL (4 stroke)
  • Maximum Speed : 80kmph
  • Axle Arrangement : B-B
  • Total number of locomotives = 45 (No. 630-674)
  • Livery : Green, Red and Yellow strip

    Class W1 # 630
    Image courtesy Mr. Charith Dissanayaka